In long days past, a website for a business was a secondary extra where customers get to go and be awed by the existence of the business’s website. Back then, all a website had to do was to impress with its visual design and imagery.

In the modern digital world, however, a website is no longer an option. It is an obligatory starting point of communication with the consumer. The website for a business is its heart. It is essential for an effective development and growth strategy, and it simply cannot be pushed aside or ignored.

Here are some key basic reasons that EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS needs a website, big or small, regardless of the industry you are in:

1. Business Development and New Customer Leads

An effective high quality web page becomes the core and stable source of generating new customers in 95% of cases.

2. Flexibility in Change and Experimentation

A website is an effective method of allowing experiments with analytics that are not possible offline. Online promotions, email distributions, Google Adwords, and more are all online ways to try gaining more traffic and customers. Finding the correct mix in online advertising allows for quick changes to increase efficiency that are not an option for offline marketing.

3. Communication with Consumers

Website contact forms, forums, FAQ pages, integration with social networks, and free online consultations are all methods that are commonly used as basic informational channels of communication with prospective new clients or solid customer service with recurring clients for high retention rates.

4. Branding and Building a Community

Without a website, it has become increasingly difficult to build a brand, let alone a community of credibility around that brand. Branding is an effective method to stand out from your business’s competitors, and will help strengthen your customer base. Having a website also allows other relevant websites with similar visions or ideals to link to your business, which directly links to more traffic to your business and increased trust in your company.

5. Customer Support and Information

Change happens rapidly in today’s world. Without a website, it will be virtually impossible for your products to keep up with the pace of other businesses. Let’s say you develop a new product. Without a website, customers may take months, if not a year, to barely see and try out your product on shelves in stores. By then, the competition has taken off with their line and innovation. A website allows you to keep your customer base constantly informed of your business’s latest products and offerings. Additionally, with the assistance of a website, you can automate and qualitatively analyze and improve the process of ordering products, logistics, and more. Customers can also have an easier way to provide feedback or contact for any problems with your services or products. An optimized automation within your website allows you to save huge sums of money and greatly increase your business’s profit margins in the long run.

So if your business does not have a website yet, XCEL Digital is here to help! If you have a simple, but ineffective website, XCEL specializes in optimizing your website to increase traffic, branding, and building a community of customer credibility. Don’t wait. Let your website take off today.

Alexander Chien

Alexander Chien

Alex Chien is a SEO specialist at XCEL Digital. He enjoys playing with numbers and analytical graphs to devise the best strategy for a business to grow.

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