It all starts with one.  In today’s digital world of viral content, one amazing blog post could be the key to garner the attention of VIPs and top bloggers in your market or industry, especially if it is a niche one.

While it may seem too good to be true, with one piece of truly remarkable content, you can immediately turn yourself into an expert everyone wants to follow. If the blog post captivates the audience and resonates well enough with them, it will be shared and retweeted, reblogged, relinked into viral territory.  

What is the catch, you may ask? Creating that amazing blog post is more complex than one may think.  Let’s get started on the fundamentals of creating an awesome blog post.

The main idea here is that your blog post must be organized.  If the writing runs all over the place and jumbles the reader’s mind, how can we expect the reader to keep on reading, let alone share it with others?  We can’t. And they most definitely won’t. Below are 4 great points to keep in mind while constructing a great blog post.

1. Make It Personal

Behind every blog is a human, a blogger.  Great bloggers allow the readers to get to know them, to feel them.  Top bloggers make it a point to let their personality, their beliefs, and their quirks show through in their writing.  They create a personal connection with their audience by being genuine and showing their true selves. If your writing lacks a personal touch, what differentiates it from the hundreds of other blog posts that others have written on the exact same topic?  Nothing. People will click away if they don’t “feel” the blog post. And to “feel” the blog post, you need to open up. Use a personal anecdote or two. The more real you are, the more real you will seem to the readers, and the more you will stand out.

2. Make It Engaging

Good content will make the post seem like a conversation. Even though reading is one-sided, great reading will have give and take. One minute you’re giving them information, the next you’re asking them to reflect, almost like answering your questions to them. There are a lot more details to get into for how to create this ebb and flow, but for now, remember that amazing content makes people to want to share their thoughts, comments, and feedback. It’s an exchange of information. You share. And they share. This cycle makes it difficult for them to click away as they are immersed in your writing.  Before long, your readers will feel like they know you on a personal level, all the greater for point number 1.

3. Make It Detailed

Vague blog posts are the last things that readers want.  Readers go to your site to learn more about a topic that they are interested in.  Being vague and lacking information is an immediate turnoff, and they will click away without a second thought.  Include all the information you believe that your readers will need – but make sure not to overwhelm them. A simple solution to this is to give an informational overview of the topic you are attempting to cover, while providing additional links with information if they want to learn in further detail.  Every reader is seeking for something different, so keeping it organized and flexible ensures that you will maintain a larger audience pool. A blog post is supposed to make your readers feel like they finished reading and now know what they want to do. Simply put, making it easy for your readers to put your ideas into action is critical.  And you can only do that by being detailed.

4. Make It Unique

This may seem like a high ask.  After all, how are you supposed to make a unique post on a topic that hundreds or thousands of other bloggers have probably written about?  Relax. No one is expecting you to be the first person to ever write a blog post on a certain topic, or to be the only one to know a secret trick that no one else does. But great content writers know how to put a new spin on old ideas, and to interpret information in their own digestible ways. This makes your content unique, stand out, and resonate with the people who are looking for her fresh approach.

At the end of the day, obviously practice makes perfect.  And blogs are essential to the SEO (search engine optimization) of a website.  We here at XCEL Digital are seasoned professionals that are ready to take your blog to the next level, or better yet, help you start one that does not currently exist.  We know how to propel your website above the competition in the same industry. When the readers trust your blog, they trust your business. And all customers like to be well-informed.  A great consistent blog is key, and we can do that for you.

Alexander Chien

Alexander Chien

Alex Chien is a SEO specialist at XCEL Digital. He enjoys playing with numbers and analytical graphs to devise the best strategy for a business to grow.

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