About XCEL Digital

There are too many businesses and talented individuals who go by unnoticed everyday because they do not have an effective website. We want to change that.


To unlock the true potential of every business and every individual by giving them a competitive online presence.


To provide every client with unparalleled customer service, so the internet can see them as they see themselves.  To put every business and individual on the radar, starting in San Diego.

Our Values


Honest work is what defines us. Organic SEO with no shortcuts is what we do.


Without trust, there is nothing. We are always upfront with the client about all of their project.


XCEL will constantly grow with the latest technologies to innovate for our clients.


We pride ourselves on responsiveness and constant communication with our clients.


Customers come first. We are here to serve our clients' every need, to build their every vision.


XCEL Digital prioritizes the maximum growth with the least time and money spent.

Who We Are

At XCEL Digital, we believe there is a better way to do web design and digital marketing.  We believe that clients are earned with trust, not just bought with big names or massive portfolios.

XCEL Digital was born in 2018 out of a desire to transform the web design and marketing industry.  We value our customers’ growth and success above all else.  Our portfolio is not yet littered with big shots like Bank of America or NASA, but we here at XCEL Digital come from a diverse educational background and have over 6 years of work experience in the web industry that more than suffice to take your visions to the next level.

As a newer web design company, we will give you more individualized attention, fresher perspectives, and newer strategies than a lot of older well-established companies can.  Take a chance on us.

Our co-founders, Tim Nguyen and Alexander Chien, are two heads of the same coin.  Tim is the big passionate dreamer who envisions the greatest success of our clients’ projects.  And Alexander plans and strategizes the logistics behind achieving those dreams.

We promise you two things.  You, our client, come first.  Always.   And secondly, we promise to push.  Push the boundaries.  Push ourselves.  Push the best ideas into your business’s online presence.  We will always push for you and your success.

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